Модальный глагол Can 8212 10 упражнений

Модальный глагол Can — 10 упражнений

1. Can I park here?
2. Can you do this?
3. Can you hear me?
4. Can I have a glass of water?
5. Can she go out with boys ?
6. What can I do?
7. Can Kate drive?
8. Where can I buy a cheap iPhone?
9. Can you wait a moment, please?
10. Can you tell me the time?

Упражнение # 2

Скажите эти фразы на русском

Упражнение # 3

Задайте вопросы с использованием Can

1. What can you do?
2. Can you pilot a plane?
3. Can you check my English, please?
4. Can I talk to my mom?
5. Can you call me back?

Упражнение # 4

1. She can to walk.
2. A dog cans bark.
3. I can’t understand what do you want.
4. He can speaks Japanese.
5. I can’t say this in English.
6. We can talking each other.
7. She does not skate.
8. I’m glad we can be friends.
9. Thankfully I can to work from home.
10. Let me know if we cans help.

1. She can walk.
2. A dog can bark.

4. He can speak Japanese.

6. We can talk each other.
7. She can’t skate.

9. Thankfully I can work from home.
10. Let me know if we can help.

Упражнение # 5
Составьте предложения используя can/can’t.
Переведите эти предложения на русский язык.

1. Yes, let’s find a time we can Skype.
2. Can you recommend a good doctor?
3. I can’t find my keys.
4. Now he can drive a car.
5. Can I invate my friends?
6. I can’t go to work tomorrow.
7. Please, email when you can.
1. Да, давайте найдем время, когда мы сможем пообщаться в скайпе.
2. Можете ли вы порекомендовать хорошего врача?
3. Я не могу найти свои ключи.
4. Теперь он может водить машину.
5. Могу ли я пригласить своих друзей?
6. Я не могу пойти завтра на работу.
7. Пожалуйста, напишите, когда сможете.

Упражнение # 6

Скажите на английском следующие предложения

1. Могу я взять твою машину, пожалуйста?
2. Я не могу припарковаться здесь.
3. Это может подождать.
4. Ты можешь ответить.
5. Я не могу приехать на вечеринку. Я очень занят.

1. Can I borrow your car, please?
2. I can’t park here.
3. It can wait.
4. You can replay.
5. I can’t come to the party. I am really busy.

Упражнение # 7

6. A baby _____ talk.
7. You _____ be happy.
8. Sorry I _____ today.
9. You _____ pay me now.
10. You _____ park your car here, it’s forbidden.

6. A baby can talk.
7. You can be happy.
8. Sorry I can’t today.
9. You can pay me now.
10. You can’t park your car here, it’s forbidden.

Упражнение # 8

Составьте предложения с can/ can’t то, что вы умеете/не умеете делать.

Примеры: speak English: ….. I can speak English.
drive a car ….. I can’t drive a car.

1. I can swim.
2. I can’t play tennis.
3. I can make a coffee.
4. I can use a computer.
5. I can skate.
6. I can cook.
7. I can’t sing.
9. I can think.
10. I can’t dance.

Упражнение # 9

Выберите правильный вариант

We can’t speak Russian.
We can’t not speak Russian.
We can’t to speak Russian.

Can you swim?
You can swim?
Can you to swim?

Yes, I can’t.
Yes, I to can.
Yes, I can.

No, I can’t.
No, I can.
No, I can’t not.

B. We can’t speak Russian.

Упражнение # 10

Поставьте предложения в вопросительную, повествовательную и отрицательную форму.
Can he fix it?
He can fix it.
He can’t fix it.

Can elephants fly?
Elephants can fly.
Elephants can’t fly.

Can I get a green card?
I can’t get a green card.
I can get a green card.

I can’t live without you.
Can I live without you?
I can live without you.

Can this car do 250 km/h?
This car can do 250 km/h.
This car can’t do 250 km/h.

We can see the tower from our hotel.
Can we see the tower from our hotel?
We can’t see the tower from our hotel.


Girls can sing well, …?
Укажите правильный вариант ответа:
can’t they
don’t they
can they
can girls​

all of us we live in the same world. however two can look at the same event, hear the same words, but give them absolutely various senses. thanks to it we receive a rich variety of human values, political directions, religions, interests and motives. the conflict arises when we insist that important for us should be important and for others.imagine: once each of us has believed that in life there is something important, standing efforts, time and emotional heat. someone is assured that the main business of life should become timely washing of ware which cannot be postponed for a minute after the dinner is eaten. someone never is not late anywhere and considers as a terrible insult when others dares to be late for meetings to it. someone is convinced that any normal person should receive necessarily the diploma about higher education. others firmly believe that the person respecting cannot receive the income below 2000 dollars a month. some wives know that необоходимо to throw all interesting affairs, to sit down in an armchair, to make a sad look and to be upset, if the husband has come home on an hour after the usual. their husbands, in turn, can be programmed that if at you something is not got on on work, it is necessary to go to a bar and to get drunk. someone is convinced that there is nothing more important, than to give all attention to children. someone goes on fishing, plays cards, struggles for world peace or reflects on sense of the universe, for days on end lying on a sofa.conflicts begin when we extend this value far beyond our personal interests and we convince ourselves that all progressive mankind should live by the same rules. (and if who does not follow these rules, it means at it simply «not all houses», or – an obstinate numskull which meanwhile nobody has taught to respect traditions). now it seems to you that you парнер does many things not simply «in own way», and it is wrong.

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1-b, 2-d, 3-c, 4-a, 5-d,6-b, 7-a, 8-b, 9-c, 10-c, 11-b, 12-a, 13-d, 14-c, 15-a,16-d, 17-c


Модальный глагол can, could, be able to. 14 упражнений с ответами

упражнения на модальный глагол can

Сегодня мы поработаем над модальными глаголами и, в частности над глаголом can. Вначале мы рассмотрим употребление can и выполним can упражнения для детей, а затем перейдем к более сложным аспектам – употребление can и could для выражения вероятности, а также отработаем употребление конструкции be able to вместо can.

Can упражнения для детей. Can exercises.

Упражнение 1. Write in can or can’t.

  1. I _______ draw.
  2. I _______
  3. My friends_______ roller-skate.
  4. My granddad _______sing.
  5. I_______ ride a bike.
  6. My mum _______ski.
  7. My dad _______skate.
  8. My pet _______play football.

Упражнение 2. Answer the questions.

  1. Can you roller-skate?
  2. Can your mum dance tango?
  3. Can your dad draw very well?
  4. Can your friends play tennis?
  5. Can your granny speak English?
  6. Can you sing very well?

Упражнение 3 . Постарайся составить как можно больше вопросов. Три из них напиши.

see that elephant?

take those bears?

play with these toys?

Упражнение 4. What can or can’t you do in these places? Make sentence. Use You can / You can’t

buy bread and cakes

wash your clothes

Упражнения на can и could.

Помните, could – это прошедшее время от can!

Упражнение 5. Underline the correct option.

  1. Can/Could Sally learn a long poem by heart when she was four?
  2. When Mrs. Rover was a teenager she couldn’t/can’t play the piano.
  3. John says he could/can speak French perfectly well.
  4. What can/could Melody do when she was nine?
  5. Yesterday Molly couldn’t/can’t borrow a book from the local library because she hadn’t returned another one.
  6. Rita said she couldn’t/can’t learn that because she was busy.

Упражнение 6. Fill in can / can't/ could/ couldn't.

1) You don’t need to shout. I ______ hear you perfectly well. 2) We______ go to safari because the trip was too expensive. 3) He eats in restaurants because he ______ cook. 4) I had an aisle seat on the plane, so I ______see the landscape below. 5) When we used to live in China, I______ speak some Chinese, but now I______ say a word. 6) ______ you play the piano at the age of six? 7) He______ speak English so fast that I______understand him (now). 8) I’m afraid, Nickolas ______talk to you now. He has to arrive at school in time. 9) I______get a good mark in Literature because I didn’t know the theme. 10) I______retell my friend the whole story because I had read it.

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Упражнение 7. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

  1. Mark / seven / by / could / speak / foreign / of / age / fifteen / languages / well / the / perfectly.
  2. phone / use /mobile / a / you / when / you / were / four / Could?
  3. my / girl / mum / swim / was / little / a / well / When / she / could.
  4. age / the / is / three / Nobody / to / climb / trees / at / of / able.

Упражнения на can, could и be able to.

Упражнение 8 . Вставьте will be able или won’t be able + to

  1. When her sight is better, Melody ________ play the guitar again.
  2. Max _________ eat sugar when the GP allows him.
  3. The couple _________ catch the morning bus if they don’t get up much earlier.
  4. Sally _________ go out to discos until she is 16.
  5. Andy _________ hear better if he sits in the front row.

A) can B) could D) couldn’t E) be able to C) can’t

  1. Mark stepped aside so that Molly _________ go in.
  2. Peter and Greg ________ catch fish as they had fish hooks.
  3. Sandy used to _________ speak Norwegian well.
  4. Megan ________lie comfortably as the raft was small.
  5. Meredith _________ wash her hair as she hadn’t bought shampoo.
  6. Mary _________ stop crying then.
  7. When Megan was an infant, she_________only cry.
  8. In a year, Melody will_________ speak Chinese.
  9. The information _________ be true! I don’t believe Nickolas.
  10. Jane ________read any of the books she’d borrowed from Greg.
  11. Melody’s brother__________ understand her ambitions.
  12. Why don’t you ask Sally? Sally might _________ help you.
  13. Benny ________walk because of sharp pain in his left foot, that’s why he got a taxi.
  14. Bob wasn’t ________ make his decision yesterday.

Упражнение 10. Вставьте can, could, be able to в нужной форме.

  1. Michael __________now speak Norwegian rather fluently.
  2. Michael used to _________ speak Norwegian rather fluently.
  3. Nick __________marry Lisa, but he__________make her love him.
  4. Sally used to__________eat a kilo of chocolate for lunch.
  5. Megan’d like to __________ surf very well.
  6. Luckily Melody __________find a taxi.
  7. Jillian __________drive when she was 12.
  8. Megan sighed. Fred __________ feel her hands shaking.
  9. The secretary ________ to type 150 words a minute.
  10. Children ________ enter this territory. It’s highly dangerous!

Упражнение 11. Translate the words in brackets. Используйте can или be able в нужной форме.

  1. Children (нельзя) discuss such things.
  2. Certainly, Nick (мог) translate that article.
  3. (мог бы) Nick show me that? (polite)
  4. Molly (не могла) wait for us.
  5. You (можете) get there in 10 minutes.
  6. The swimmer (смог) reach the sea shore.
  7. Steven (мог) work fifteen hours a day before his illness

Упражнения на can / could + нужная форма инфинитива.

Упражнение 12. Find the right option.

  1. Seventeen people looked at each other and no one _________ words to say.
  2. a) could have found b) could find
  3. The wind was still blowing but Philip _____________ no sound of rain.
  4. a) could have heard b) could hear
  5. The police were quite sure that nobody __________ house before they got there.
  6. a) could leave b) could have left
  7. We ______________ anything definite out of their neighbors.
  8. a) couldn’t get b) couldn’t have got

Упражнение 13 . Вставьте could + нужную форму инфинитива.

  1. If Greg had prepared all the documents, he _____________ (get) a credit.
  2. Greg ___________ (be) there tomorrow.
  3. Greg ____________ (be) there yesterday.
  4. If Molly had told us about her delay, we _________ (cancel) the meeting.
  5. Yesterday Greg _________ (crash).

Can / could для выражения вероятности.

Упражнение 14. Выразите сомнения при помощи can/could.

  1. Едва ли Салли была дома.
  2. Возможно, он навестит бывшую жену, когда приедет в Сочи.
  3. Разве Николас мог такое сказать?
  4. Разве Катерина отказалась ехать с тобой?
  5. Василий мог бы заехать завтра.
  6. Салли не могла так быстро прочесть роман.
  7. Не может быть, что Грег попал в аварию.
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Ответы к упражнениям.

Exercises 1 – 4 – your own answers.

1 -> Could, 2 -> couldn’t, 3 -> can, 4 -> could, 5 -> couldn’t, 6 -> couldn’t

1 -> can, 2 -> couldn’t, 3 -> can’t 4 ->couldn’t, 5 -> could / can’t, 6 -> Could, 7 -> can / can’t, 8 -> can’t, 9 couldn’t, 10 ->could

1, 2, 5 -> will be able + to,

3, 4 -> won’t be able + to,

1b, 2b, 3e, 4d, 5d, 6d, 7b, 8e, 9c, 10a или 10с, 11d или 11с, 12e, 13d, 14e

1 can, 2 be able to, 3 can / can’t, 4 be able to, 5 be able to, 6 was able to, 7 could, 8 could, 9 is able, 10 can’t

Could have got / could be / could have been или could be / could have cancelled / could have crached

  1. Sally can’t или couldn’t + have been at home.
    2. He can visit his ex-wife when he comes to Sochi.
    3. Can / could Nicholas have said this?
    4. Can / could Katerina have refused to go with you?
    5. Basil could come tomorrow.
    6. Sally could not have read the novel so fast.
    7. Greg can't have had a car accident.

Надеюсь, предложенные can exercises были полезными и интересными.

Также на сайте Grammar-tei.com Вы можете найти хорошие упражнения на модальный глагол must и на модальный глагол may.

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А разве в 9 упражнении в 10 задании можно поставить CAN, если после него идет TO ?


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Упражнения на модальный глагол can

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          Girls can sing well, …?
          Укажите правильный вариант ответа:
          can’t they
          don’t they
          can they
          can girls​

          lately television has been criticized as it shows too much sex and violence.there are too many war films and, too many stories about criminal and the police, who shoot people as if they were rabbits. а lot of people dont want television to show sex,violence and cruelty.they say such programmes,should never be run at prime time or any other time when young children can see them. people also criticize bad-taste programmes where rude jokes are made or where people are made to fight over a sum of money or programmes spying on people at the most intimate moments of their lives. such programmes give examples of humiliation and bad taste. above all most of tv views dislike tv commercials that can spoil the impression of a goo

          once upon a time there was a robot who could do anything. he rebuilt broken houses, saved citizens in their time of need, and brought peace to the whole city in which he lived in. but one day he suddenly changed. maybe it was a change in his wire, or something else, but he was never the same again since. the hero-like robot turned evil. he no longer helped anyone, but only caused misfortune wherever he went. and so the citizens of the city, who once loved and adored the robot, decided to attack and destory him, before he destroyed them. and so he was gone. although the people were still angry at him, and claimed him to be a villian, he still was commened for his past good doings.

          Can’t they. Потому что если положительное предложение, то отрицательный хвостик и в предложении используется «can»